• Climate Risk Assessment and Scenario Development
  • Resilience and Climate Adaptation Strategy Development
  • Hydrological Assessments and Surveys
  • Risk-based Resiliency Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Hydraulic Modelling, and Floodplain Mapping
  • Water Sensitive Concept and Detailed Design/Landscape Design,
  • Master Planning, Investment Planning, Site Proposals
  • Urban Environment Integration and Blue-green Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) Design
  • River Restoration and Catchment Masterplans
  • Coastal Erosion and Storm-surge Protection

We want to create groundbreaking results in collaboration with our customers and are not afraid to set ambitious goals. We believe that together we can devise smart solutions so that water in cities can always be turned from being a burden to becoming a valuable resource and can help create attractive urban spaces.

At Nordiq Group, there is a close bond between our water, environment, and strategy departments. With our interdisciplinary expertise and cooperation, we create effective solutions that we believe are necessary to deliver sustainable frameworks. In parallel with our consulting projects, we participate in several research projects in China and Denmark. We typically provide a link between the academic environment and public sectors, enabling us to contribute with innovation from within projects whilst maintaining professional distance when required.

With our ongoing focus on innovation, NIW is assisting city authorities, public departments, and urban developers to tackle climate change. We also help make cities and urban areas safer from the risks of increased flooding and extreme weather. Our experts on climate adaptation include world-class engineering specialists, hydrologists, and landscape architects who bring nature-based solutions and blue-green-infrastructure which exponentiate our development away from grey infrastructure in favor of more nature-friendly solutions.