• StoryMap / StoryBoard
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Database Development
  • GIS-based Asset Management

Digitization has transformed the way communities and cities develop and operate; GIS is fundamental to our entire business but also bears exponential potential for the governments and businesses we operate with. We experience great value in connecting our digital expertise with the deep professionalism we have in water, environment, strategy, and urban development whenever we actively use digital platforms in our daily work.

We help our customers use GIS in tasks within planning, case processing, operation and maintenance, and not least communication in citizen-oriented solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of GIS solutions and technology on the market and provide assistance with the development and integration of solutions in your business. We help our customers set the direction of their digitization efforts so that it creates optimum value for them and their surroundings. NIW combines technical competencies with the knowledge of users and their needs, and puts ideas into perspective with our insight into trends in data and digitization.

We are driven by utilizing data innovatively and are constantly working to develop new digital systems that improve and streamline the planning, operation and maintenance, and management of our physical environment. We share our knowledge of GIS in courses for both individuals and organizations. We believe digital systems only provide value when they are utilised, and we proponents of how GIS can transform daily work. We are at the forefront in using digital platforms for stakeholder engagement and to inform decision making. We use StoryMap as a tool for communication and stakeholder engagement where we show the project location on the base map along with short descriptions, images, videos, and conceptual designs.  Our team of experienced GIS and digitization experts provides tailored advice on GIS-related issues and solutions.