Country: Bangladesh

Client: KfW / Khulna City Corporation

Project Consultant: Ramboll Danmark A/S

Duration: 2019 – 2021

The project site, Khulna – the third largest city in Bangladesh, is particularly vulnerable to climate-related risks as it is strongly influenced by the Bay of Bengal and thus the effects of rising sea levels and increasing surges anticipated to be acute.

Khulna has been facing repeated flooding and water logging, especially during monsoon season. This is mainly due to inadequate flood protection and drainage systems. As a result, the daily life of Khulna’s citizens is severely hampered for several months each year. Given the expected impacts of climate change, these problems are expected to aggravate in the future.

To face the challenge of climate change, German Development Cooperation through KfW is supporting Bangladesh with emphasis on Climate Change Adapted Urban Development (CCAUD), particularly through investments in urban infrastructures and capacity development. This project is part of the CCAUD Phase II where it is expected to focus on much needed improvements to stormwater drainage and flood control.

This consulting service aims to prepare a Feasibility Study for the implementation of climate adaptation measures in Khulna City. The range of works included preparation of climate risk (particularly flooding), vulnerability, and urban system assessments to identify the possible climate resilient sub-project. The project identified climate change adaptation measures, focusing on urban flood control and protection measures including drainage system improvement, canal and river rehabilitation, and embankment construction, as well as sluice gate improvement.


As GIS Expert, Manir Ryne produced StoryMap preparation on the ESRI platform ( which shows the project location on a satellite map along with a short description, images, videos, and conceptual design. Manir performed as Project Manager and led the preparation of inception report, stakeholder engagement, organizing workshop, and client liaison.

Nils Gardek and Manir Ryne led the preparation of project proposal and procurement of the project for Ramboll including writing the methodology and recruitment of the experts.