• Water Treatment Tlant
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Pumping Stations
  • Transmission Network
  • Distribution Network
  • Drainage and Sewer Network
  • Water Network Rehabilitation
  • Pipe Laying
  • Trenchless Technology

Depending on the form of contract, the complexity, and the geographical spread of the project, the construction supervision can be structured in many ways. Our team at NIW has experience managing contracts and supervising construction of both plants and networks.

In most contracts, the international team leader and the international supervision team only provide part-time input to the project and manage a large team of national resident engineers, assistant resident engineers and field engineers. In such situations, it is of utmost importance that the supervision team follows well-defined and structured methodologies for site visits, physical inspections, approvals, instructions, and the flow of data.

Our team leader and resident engineers are proven performers in supervising and overseeing construction works; we always strive to deliver projects on time whilst adhering to the budget without compromising quality standards, and with maximum attention to safety. We provide a coordinating role between the client, the contractors, and the suppliers where we offer our skills and broad experience acquired through managing medium to large scale projects across Europe, Asia, and Africa. At NIW, we equip our engineers and specialists with the most advanced toolbox to ensure they can supervise the construction works appropriately and maintain the highest quality.

Moreover, we ensure that all staff involved in supervision from the team leader to field engineers are given adequate training in compliance and anti-corruption to enable them to take a firm position against any wrongdoing during the implementation of the projects.