Country: Uganda
Client: DANIDA Business Finance (DBF)
Project Consultant: Ramboll Danmark A/S
Duration: 2018 – 2020

DANIDA Business Financing (DBF) supported the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) in implementing a new water and sanitation project in the south and west areas of Kampala to improve the quality of life, health and economy of people as well as the environment in the South and West of Greater Kampala through further realization of the human right to water and sanitation.

The project aimed at improving the water supply reliability by increasing the production capacity of 62,500m3/d and the construction of the trunk systems, reservoirs and boosters; improving the current sanitation situation by implementing a 400m3/d faecal sludge collection and treatment plant; and development of WATSAN infrastructure in informal settlements.

The consultancy services included preparation of detailed feasibility study, investigations, conceptual design, tender documents, and procurement.

As a Project Director, Jens Thøgersen was responsible for overall and financial management of projects, negotiating contract and subsequent variations/addendums, liaison with client and stakeholders, ensuring that all deliverables are submitted to the Client according to schedule.

Nils Gardek provided support for the preparation of ESIA and Resettlement Action Plan for the project, assuring gender issues are incorporated in the project design, especially in relation to the improvement of the water and sanitation for the informal settlements.

Manir Ryne provided support in preparation of feasibility study Environmental Management Plan (EMP) report, analysis of existing national (Ugandan) and international (World Bank and IFC) standards and regulations, analysis DEM including contour map preparation. Manir carried out assessment of land use planning and GIS / CAD map preparation for 135 km waters supply pipeline.