• Water Supply and Wastewater Management
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water and Wastewater Network
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Network Modeling
  • Tendering Assistance
  • Construction Supervision
  • Contract Management
  • Operation and Militance
  • Training and Capacity Building

Nordiq International Water is rooted in the Scandinavian traditions of having an efficient, sustainable, and scalable social infrastructure. As water availability faces immediate risks, it is essential that cities reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their water usage and conserving water with safe and secure water systems such as those throughout Scandinavia.

Our combination of technical know-how, state-of-the-art technologies, and robust supplies assist in supporting water environments across the globe. At NIW, we help to ensure efficiency and resilience in the design and operations of water supply and wastewater management whilst maintaining the reliability of supply and ensuring the safety of cities, communities, and industries.

Many Asian and African megacities are relying on groundwater as their primary source for water supply. With the growing demand for clean water by their constantly growing population, they must build more wells and pump more, often with the consequence that the groundwater table is falling. We help our clients to shift from the unsustainable mining of groundwater resources to alternative water sources including treated surface water or by recharging the groundwater reservoir, therefore reducing the pressure on groundwater demand, and simultaneously tackling climate change.