The head office at NIW is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we also hold a permanent presence across Europe and in Southeast Asia based in Lao PDR. Our management team brings over thirty years of experience in project implementation, management, and coordination on behalf of various donors, international financial institutes, and city authorities throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Our management team’s operations have an established foothold in several Asian megacities (Dhaka, Lahore, Manila, Colombo, Ho Chi Min City and Yangon) in relation to implementing projects within urban water supply, wastewater, and liveability.

Dr. Jens Thøgersen – Founder and Managing Director

Jens is an international water and climate resilience expert with over thirty years of experience as an engineering consultant. His work constitutes a total of twenty-five years of international experience in the water and environment industry. Jens has vast experience in conducting feasibility studies, preparing tender documents, and managing infrastructure projects across the globe. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering, an MBA in European Utility Management, and an MSc in Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

+45 31 77 27 04

Nils Gardek – Founder and Business Development Director

Nils is a socio-economist specializing in monitoring and social development fields with over twenty years of experience in business development and project management roles. He has extensive knowledge of project requirements, conditions, safeguards, and reporting methods. Nils also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and Public Policy.

+856 20 2214 7835

Manir Ryne – Senior Consultant

Manir is an Environmental and Geographic Information System (GIS) expert specializing in the environment and water. He has over ten years of experience in business development and preparation of International Financial Institutions (IFI) funded projects. Manir is proficient at solving complex issues related to the environment, water, and urban development through GIS-driven spatial analytics, remote sensing, and insightful GIS applications. He specializes in StoryMap – a tool for communications, stakeholder engagement, project output visualization, and decision making. Manir holds a double Master’s in Environmental Planning and Management from IHE Delft – Institute for Water Education.

+31 68227 2499