• Technical Scoping
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Social and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Cost Benefit and Lifecycle Analysis
  • Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

We help clients plan for future infrastructure investments by combining the Nordiq A/S know-how and experience with due consideration toward local conditions in terms of culture, demography, appropriate technology, sustainability, financial and economic consequences, and safeguarding aspects such as environment, social, resettlement, gender, and climate. We prepare projects and compare the feasibility of different solutions, enabling development partners and other financing agencies to appraise and assess the projects for future financing.

As we conduct the study of a project’s feasibilities, we help our clients to have necessary documentation to provide a solid basis in decision-making and prioritization of infrastructure needs.

Whenever possible, we aim to virtualize the plans and projections using GIS, interactive story-maps, and other digital tools to make the concepts of the projects easy to understand and easy to communicate. This gives our clients a concise and instant overview of the planned infrastructure development and perspectives, and provides the same feelings as if they were on the project site.