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At Nordiq International Water we believe in the concept of “Knowledge is power – share it”.

Our focus is to share knowledge through involving experts across our industry and young scholars from the region in our projects. Our team has extensive experience in knowledge management and transfer using new tools and technologies. In today’s age, it is becoming even more important, also for government agencies and public/private utilities, to reach out to people and communities.

We help to connect the dots between people and organizations so that everyone is on the same page and in a better position to build a future together.

We are at the forefront of utilizing web/GIS based knowledge sharing platforms and have vast experience in the preparation of consumable knowledge products such as, brochures, leaflets, bulletins, videos, and short interviews. We also guide our clients to share their expertise using social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube) to reach a large audience within a short time.