• Training Need Assessment
  • On-The-Job-Training
  • Regional Training
  • Study Tours
  • Workshops
  • Knowledge Sharing

We provide institutional, organizational, and capacity needs assessments, including mapping the present structure of institutions, as well as the tasks and roles which are expected to be impacted during the implementation of the projects. For example, this could be the available human resources within an organization, and the training needed to enable the organisation to take full ownership of processes and to operate and maintain the new infrastructure.

We follow a strategic and analytical framework, powered by data-driven insights that are required for institutional capacity strengthening through change management processes. As a result, our clients receive our services in a range of ways – from PowerPoint presentations made for executive decision making, extensive reports and evaluations, to data generating surveys, training and capacity building, group processes, on-the-job-training and one-on-one sparring.

Our capacity building process starts with rigorous training needs assessments where the highest priority is on-the-job training. Our counterpart employees receive direct guidelines on how to efficiently perform their jobs whilst on the actual worksite. This way, employees learn the skills that are required to be performed in real-life work conditions and they become accustomed to the working in the environment.