Country: Bangladesh

Client: Government of Bangladesh / Chinese Exim Bank

Project Consultant: Sweco Danmark A/S

Duration: 2014 – 2017

One of the biggest and fastest growing cities in the world, Dhaka, has an estimated population of 16 million with a population density of about 44,000 persons/km2. The water supply system in Dhaka was mainly based on groundwater source to meet the daily demand. The increased demand and climate change were lowering the ground water table in Dhaka rapidly. The Padma (Jashaldia) Water Treatment Plant was launched to shift from Dhaka’s reliance on groundwater to an increased reliance on surface water and thereby increase the security of supply in the overall water supply of Dhaka.
The project goal was to construct a Water Treatment Plant with a capacity of 450 MLD at Padma (Jashaldia), including a 700 m raw water transmission line (from intake pumping stations to WTP), and a 32 km long treated water transmission line which entailed river crossing at a minimum of three locations.

The consulting services included technical support to DWASA as “Employer’s Representative” in selecting treatment process, reviewing the design of different components of the project produced by the contractor, contract management and construction Supervision, and capacity building.

Manir Ryne was involved in the preparation of project proposal and procurement of the project including preparation of methodology and recruitment of the experts.